The church has been formed by our Lord Jesus Christ to function as a body of believers, as each individual member of the body exercises their spiritual gifts within the body for the building up of one another and the body as a whole. We thus would like to encourage you first and foremost to be an active participant in the life of a local church that proclaims the full counsel of God and conducts itself in accordance with Biblical teaching.

If you live in or around Malelane, then we would love to welcome you and have you serve with us in this local expression of Christ's body. If you live further afield, then we encourage you to find a faithful local church near to you where you can live out your Christian life in the service of others.

In addition to serving with your time and spiritual gifts within the body, financial contributions form an important part of the ability of the local church to continue functioning, both in serving the various needs within the body, and also in meeting the various financial obligations and commitments of the body. If you would like to contribute to the financial needs of Malelane Baptist Church, then please make use of the following bank account details:

Banking Details

Bank: First National Bank

Branch: Malelane

Branch Code: 27 09 52

Account No: 52 922 037 405

Thank you for your support and prayer for us as a body.

May our gracious Saviour continue to lead and guide us as we grow into full maturity in Him.